Top 10 – 2020 Quarterback Rankings

Rankings based upon equation weighing following key indicators of performance

AccuracyIntelligence Pocket Presence LeadershipArm Talent 
90+ = MVP Level Potential
85-90 = Pro Bowl Level Potential
80-85 = Plus Starter Potential
75-80 = Starter Potential
70-75 = Backup Potential/Experimental Pick
Lower than 70 = Undrafted

Burrow vs. Clemson in National Championship Game
  1. Joe Burrow

U-Football Draft Grade: 88.5 – Tier 1

What a fucking year for Joe Burrow. The cigar wielding, national title winning slinger went from mid round prospect to the top of everyone’s draft board. Burrow’s leap in ’19 was unprecedented. Although much of this success was due to the talent and coaching around him, Burrow’s pocket presence, football IQ and accuracy lend well to today’s league.

3. Jake Fromm

U-Football Draft Grade: 83.5 – Tier 2

I freaking love Jake Fromm. When looking at the Quarterbacks in this class through a true “business” lens, this is the dude you want. His teammates and those around him love him and gravitate toward him. The accuracy and touch are there, and although there are some holes, I would take him to win a game over every other quarterback on this list. His career could really explode if the right team takes him. In a dome, with a year or two behind a veteran, Fromm would be suited to break out as a star.

5. Jacob Eason

U-Football Draft Grade: 79.5 – Tier 2

Really like a lot of Eason’s game, especially in the area of deep ball accuracy. I like that he had to transfer, and has some life experience to go along with these traits. Although his accuracy and pocket presence are not on the plus side, I think that he is definitely entrenched in Tier 2 right with Fromm and Herbert

7. Jalen Hurts

U-Football Draft Grade: 74 – Tier 3

Hurts is an exemplary human being, and someone that absolutely is going to make an NFL team better. Although Hurts does not stand out as a top tier NFL quarterback, his future could look a lot like Taysom Hill’s. Goal-line, special teams and spot situations could help Hurts make a roster, as he progresses as a passer.

Nathan Stanley against the Minnesota Golden Gophers
Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

9. Nate Stanley

U-Football Draft Grade: 72 – Tier 3

Nate Stanley reads like the dating profile of your quintessential Iowa quarterback. Great with a run game, stable leader, and good teammate. Loves hunting and fishing. With all that and a 6′ 4, 240 lbs. frame, Stanley has a real shot to make it in the league as a backup.

Best of the Rest: Tier 4

  • Cole McDonald, UH – 69
  • Steven Montez, CU – 68
  • James Morgan, FIU – 67.5
  • Jacob Knipp, NCU – 67.5
  • Khalil Tate – 65

2. Tua Tagovailoa

U-Football Draft Grade: 86.5 – Tier 1

Without the injury, there would be a true discussion between he and Burrow. The thing that truly separates Tua from other quarterback prospects is the way that he can manipulate secondaries. From the way he looks off receivers, to the small shoulder movements that he makes, he is special. Comparisons to Drew Brees are extremely fair, and if the hip complies, he is a plus NFL starter from Day 1.

Justin Herbert passes against the Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl game at Rose Bowl Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

4. Justin Herbert

U-Football Draft Grade: 82.5 – Tier 2

Although he passes the eye-test in so many ways, Herbert is missing the “it factor”. I cannot see him going into an NFL locker room, and owning it the way Fromm could. There are some strange rumblings about his personality and emotional make-up in NFL circles, which is worrisome. With all that being said, he has a rocket for a right arm, and shows game changing traits.

6. Jordan Love

U-Football Draft Grade: 79 – Tier 2

Love’s pot suspension prior to his bowl week is something that I think analysts are not paying enough attention to. The toolbox that he has to play with is incredible, but there is something that just hasn’t click, and I am not sure that NFL teams should take the risk on him. The athleticism is at the top of the class, but that TD to INT ratio and the lack of leadership should scare scouts.

8. Anthony Gordon

U-Football Draft Grade: 73 – Tier 3

There is something wonderfully imperfect about Gordon’s game. Maybe it is a little Mike Leech or Gardner Minshew magic, but he has a great feel for the game and his accuracy stands out on tape. With that comes a lot of limitations, but don’t be surprised if Gordon sticks on a team with a West Coast offense and finds success in the league as a backup. He won’t win an MVP, but he won’t be boring.

10. Case Cookus

U-Football Draft Grade: 70.5 – Tier 3

Cookus is the guy in this draft that has the true potential to become a starter in this league. He has prototypical size and arm strength for the league. On a bad FCS team, and playing from behind, Cookus had a career year at NAU with over 4000 passing yards and 31 touchdowns. He has a ton to prove in a training camp, but more than anyone in Tier 3, Cookus could break the mold and become a starter in the league.

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