Top 10 – 2020 Running Back Rankings

Rankings based upon equation weighing following key indicators of performance

RunningSpeed Receiving Pass BlockingFootball IQ
90+ = MVP Level Potential
85-90 = Pro Bowl Level Potential
80-85 = Plus Starter Potential
75-80 = Starter Potential
70-75 = Backup Potential/Experimental Pick
Lower than 70 = Undrafted

1. D’Andre Swift

U-Football Draft Grade: 88 – Tier 1

Most draft experts have Swift as their number one back in this class, and it is easy to see why they do. He didn’t have the wow combine that Taylor and Akers did, but there is no doubt that he is a safe RB1 in the league.

3T. Cam Akers

U-Football Draft Grade: 86 – Tier 1

Akers didn’t have a ton of support at FSU, and he still managed to take over games with his athleticism. The combine was the icing on the cake for scouts to put him into the top tier of this class. Fluidity and pass catching stands out to make him a real 3 down threat.

5. Zach Moss

U-Football Draft Grade: 85 – Tier 1

Moss just has a great feel for the game, and real potential to be a 3 down back for the team that takes a flier on him. Whether it be Alvin Kamara, Kareem Hunt, or Marlon Mack, we have seen running backs storm from out of nowhere to become 10 Top Backs in the league, and I’d through some chips on Moss.

7. Eno Benjamin

U-Football Draft Grade: 82 – Tier 2

Eno is fun to watch. I love that he put ASU on his back and times, and even willed them to a win against Oregon. With a young quarterback, Herm Edwards, and inconsistency around him, he still averaged over 4 yards a carry. There are risers in the draft that may surpass him, but I think he’d fit great into a multi-back offense.

9. Joshua Kelley

U-Football Draft Grade: 78 – Tier 3

Nate Stanley reads like the dating profile of your quintessential Iowa quarterback. Great with a run game, stable leader, and good teammate. Loves hunting and fishing. With all that and a 6′ 4, 240 lbs. frame, Stanley has a real shot to make it in the league as a backup.

Best of the Rest: Tier 4

  • Ke’Shawn Vaughn, Vandy- 75
  • Anthony McFarlane, Maryland – 74.5
  • James Morgan, FIU – 67
  • Jacob Knipp, NCU – 66.5
  • Khalil Tate – 65

2. Jonathan Taylor

U-Football Draft Grade: 87.5 – Tier 1

Although there are some things that are not perfect about Jonathan Taylor, the buzz around him is that he is the type of guy that you want to build your franchise around. That, coupled with his production and performance at the combine is why he is an incredible NFL asset and top tier prospect.

3T. JK Dobbins

U-Football Draft Grade: 86 – Tier 1

Dobbins just runs his ass off. He actually reminds me a bit of Zeke when he blasts through the line of scrimmage. Although there are some ball security and pass catching concerns, with NFL coaching, Dobbins could very possibly end up the tp back of the class.

BATON ROUGE, LA LSU Tigers running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire (22)(Photo by Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

6. Clyde Edwards-Helaire

U-Football Draft Grade: 83.5 – Tier 2

Much like Burrow, Edwards-Helaire had a magical season. He has a bowling ball style of running, and has shown to be capable as a pass catcher in the LSU offense. I think that he will carry some of that magic to the NFL, and be a staple in the league for a decade if he can stay healthy.

8. Lamical Perine

U-Football Draft Grade: 81.5 – Tier 2

There is something wonderfully imperfect about Gordon’s game. Maybe it is a little Mike Leech or Gardner Minshew magic, but he has a great feel for the game and his accuracy stands out on tape. With that comes a lot of limitations, but don’t be surprised if Gordon sticks on a team with a West Coast offense and finds success in the league as a backup. He won’t win an MVP, but he won’t be boring.

10. Darrynton Evans

U-Football Draft Grade: 76 – Tier 3

Cookus is the guy in this draft that has the true potential to become a starter in this league. He has prototypical size and arm strength for the league. On a bad FCS team, and playing from behind, Cookus had a career year at NAU with over 4000 passing yards and 31 touchdowns. He has a ton to prove in a training camp, but more than anyone in Tier 3, Cookus could break the mold and become a starter in the league.

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